Writing and REasoning

This class is designed with a two-fold purpose.  First, we seek to equip students to understand and employ the most crucial principles of logic as they reason about the things they hear and read in the world today. The benefit of the study of logic cannot be exaggerated.  To carefully evaluate and construct an argument is, in our advertising-saturated age, an essential ability.   Second, because creating clearly reasoned prose is not only one of the most legitimate methods of persuading others about a position, but is, in some cases, a lost art, students will have practice constructing arguments in the form of paragraphs and other prose.  

Writing and Reasoning is a one-semester course.  It begins on January 25th,, 2017 (the beginning of Spring semester) and runs through the end of May.  We will meet on Wednesdays at 9:15 a.m. (Pacific time) for one hour each week.  Tuition for the class is $260.  We will use Martin Cothran’s text, Traditional Logic I,* and the Student Workbook. Our goal is to finish the whole book!

To ask questions about Writing and Reasoning, please e-mail Mr. Turnbull at tutor.alexandria@gmail.com.

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(This is the same book we use in the summer “Introduction to Logic” class.  If a student has taken that class, and would like to take this course, he or she is welcome!  The first two months will review what we cover in the summer course and the remainder of the semester will forge ahead into new material.)