Intermediate English

The purpose of this course is to provide younger students with an introduction to two key facets of English: reading and understanding great literature; and writing interesting sentences and paragraphs.  Students will have opportunity to enjoy, appreciate and discuss classic examples of literature and will be given ample practice in writing. 


Shorter writing assignments will be assigned nearly every week in order to allow the student to interact with the readings.  Several of these will be read aloud by the student to the class.  Assignments are designed to develop the student's facility in sentence and paragraph structure.  Emphasis will also be placed on developing style using materials from the Institute for Excellence in Writing.   

Computer set-up information can be found here.

Cost and Registration

The cost for this tutorial is $280 per semester.  Registration is reserved for families of Alexandria Tutorials until March 20th, at which time registration is open to all families.  Class size is limited to 15 participants. To register, you may follow this link.

Checks are made payable to Matthew Turnbull and a non-refundable deposit of $50 to reserve your seat is required in order to confirm your registration, the remainder is due the first week of class. This deposit is part of first semester tuition. Second semester tuition is due the first week of that semester. Tuition is not refundable after the first month of the semester.This is a year-long class; please register only if you are able to take both semesters. A withdrawal fee will be assessed if a student withdraws in the middle of the year.  

Please email ( Mr. Turnbull for his mailing address.

Course Schedule

This class is currently planned for Thursday mornings from 7:30-8:30 a.m., Pacific time.   This course will begin in early September.   We will break for a week during Thanksgiving, and we will break for Christmas after class in mid-December.   Class will resume in early January, and end in late May, with a break for a week in March.  This schedule allows for approximately 34 class periods.   This is a year-long class.  

Generally, the tutor is able to meet each week, although there may be exceptions due to illness, or family emergencies.  If you know you are going to miss a class, please e-mail your tutor to give him warning. All classes are recorded so that students may watch the recording when feasible to keep current with the instruction. Since this is a tutorial I will not issue final grades but will provide comments and feedback on assignments.