New Student Page

How the tutorial works

Our class will meet once a week. Using the conferencing software (explained below) all class participants will log on to the same server at the designated time. Our class sessions will include a review of homework, plenty of discussion, as well as opportunities to read your work to your classmates. Assignments will be turned in via e-mail to the tutor and will be returned in the same manner. Instructions about formatting assignments will be given as the class proceeds. If you miss a class, the tutor keeps records of the chat notes and will e-mail a copy of the notes from the missed class if you request one.

Classroom Etiquette

DO NOT engage in private chat with another class member during class sessions.

DO NOT use the class chatbox for carrying on ancillary conversations with other members of the class while the tutor is teaching. This only serves to distract your fellow students (whose parents are paying hundreds of dollars for this tutorial) from the topic at hand. If a student has difficulty following these rules, he or she will be dismissed from class.

General Notes

In order to properly configure your computer for Alexandria Tutorial sessions, please see the very clear and helpful set-up instructions (provided by Mr. Callihan) on the Setting Up Your System Page. If after following these instructions you have difficulties please send an e-mail to Matthew Turnbull. We will be having a test session before our first class meeting in order to get used to using the conferencing software.

We will be using Webex conferencing software during the tutorial year. For most computer users, this software is a simple and free download.

After downloading and installing the software, you may request the password of the classroom we will be using for our conferences by sending an e-mail to Mr. Turnbull at .

About the Test Session

The purpose of the test session is just to take a few minutes to insure that your software works properly and that you can hear me and that we can hear you. You will need the password to the classroom for the conference. I will send the password to you before the test session.

Assignments and Homework

At the end of each class period I will give you a reading assignment and writing assignment to be completed by the next class session. You can complete your written assignments and then send them to me via e-mail either in the text of the message. Please do not send attachments! Just paste your assignment into the text of your e-mail. After I receive your homework, I will comment on it using a different color and then return it to you in several days. If you are not able to complete your assignment that week for some reason, be sure to let me know in advance the reason for your tardiness. If you consistently have trouble turning in your assignments, you will not be allowed to attend class sessions until those missing assignments are completed.

Remember to purchase the books for the tutorial using the links that I provided. It will be easier for you if you purchase the same editions so as to make discussions and citations from the texts more streamlined.