Five Favorite Shakespeare Plays

Though students will write short synopses each week, the primary emphasis in this class is upon savoring the excellence of Shakespeare's writing through attentive reading and active discussion.  We will read one play each week and spend the class time remarking on such essentials as plot, characters, themes, writing style, meter, etc.  Our discussions will often center on those insightful lessons about human nature and life in a fallen world that Shakespeare offers his readers through his dramatic writings. 


This course will begin on Tuesday, June 13th and will run through July 11th.  We will convene once a week, at 9:45 a.m Pacific time, for one hour and thirty-five minutes (with a five-minute break).  This provides for five class meetings.  Readings and corresponding discussions are the main focus of this course, but brief writing assignments will be given (with consideration that this is a summer course).  All course texts and editions are listed here. 

 The course is designed for students of late Junior High and High School age. Adults are welcome to enroll. 


The cost of this tutorial is $120 per student.  There is a $20 discount for the second student enrolled from the same family. 


To register, you may follow this link

Checks are made payable to Matthew Turnbull and a non-refundable deposit of $20 to reserve your seat is required by June 5th, the remainder is due the first week of class. The class is limited to 15 participants.  


We will be utilizing the Webex Conferencing software for our tutorials.  Please see the New Student Page for details about configuring your computer. 

 As you have any questions about this tutorial or the tutorial service, please feel free to contact the tutor at .