Alexandria Tutorials is an educational service providing instruction for students  in subjects approached from a classical and Christian perspective.  Since the year 2000, this tutorial service has been meeting the needs of families who have a student (or students) desiring specialized study in literature, history, the Great Books, or writing.   

We seek, in whatever subject studied, to accomplish several things. Our primary goal is to nurture a vigorous mind and an active intellectual curiosity that is founded upon the notion that God created the mind and that He has willed us to think for His glory.  In concert with the first aim, we underscore the belief that discovering truth in an area of inquiry is a process of pursuing God's mind on a matter. 'Faith seeking understanding' succinctly describes the foundation as well as the motive for study. Finally, we seek to place all that we learn in the context of the flow of history and see it as part of a great conversation that has been continuing throughout the ages of Western civilization.